About this Portal

The Knowledge Portal will consist of a web-based platform to monitor, over the long term, the changes in value of ocean and coastal ecosystem services around the world. It will also promote information and knowledge sharing, assist capacity building facilitation and provide a platform for continued knowledge development. The aim of the portal is to help provide end-users with a resource to explore, evaluate, synthesize, and learn about ocean and coastal ecosystem valuation at multiple levels of details. Using ocean and coastal ecosystem valuation research results to inform the decision making process concerning policies or specific measures needed to support a new/green economic paradigm is a challenging, yet crucial, undertaking.

The Knowledge Portal will contain environmental, natural/physical scientific, socio-economic and social-ecological datasets amongst others. It will also contain synthesis products of the TEEB for Oceans and Coasts study, tailored for specific user-focused functions for a particular country, region, site or business. The Portal will also provide intelligent links to other resources and tools.